All good things must come to an end…..? Most certainly NOT!

Over the past two weeks I have got back into cooking, finding new recipes, trying  new foods and obviously cutting the portion sizes down. Which has made the challenge great because I had forgotten how great it is to spend time thinking out meals and making great tasting food, this is why I loved the challenge.

I did however struggle slightly in the beginning, it was probably psychological but I still felt hungry and craved my next meal but after a few days I really did feel better… strangely fuller for longer! My partner on the other hand may need a little longer to adjust, he has a very active lifestyle and needs that little bit extra (his words not mine) Which I do agree with to an extent but he says he is still willing to work on the portion sizes.

I really gave this challenge a good go and haven’t stepped on to the scales for 2 weeks until today… (please bare in mind I did over indulge with beer on Saturday for the Rugby)

I have lost 2.5 pounds over the past 2 weeks!!

How amazing is that.. I will certainly be carrying on with the smaller portion sizes because the results really show! I have also saved a few pennies along the way.

I think the hardest part of portion control is going out to eat, because no matter where you go unless you are having a starter for a main or a kiddies meal the portion sizes are WAY to big. Lets face it you go out to eat something different, tasty and for a treat so you are going to pick what most takes your fancy. Which will no doubt be a much bigger portion than you should have. Saying this we all deserve a treat every now and again.

The portion control utensils are the best thing I have ever cooked with because
I think most people struggle with the amount they have to cook and having a tool to measure out with is great, whether you are eating alone or cooking for 6… I would recommend them to anyone.

To conclude I will be sticking to smaller portions as it’s just a way of life to me now and i’ve seen the results on my waistline and pocket.

Join me and sign up to the portion size wise challenge here!


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