All good things must come to an end…..? Most certainly NOT!

Over the past two weeks I have got back into cooking, finding new recipes, trying  new foods and obviously cutting the portion sizes down. Which has made the challenge great because I had forgotten how great it is to spend time thinking out meals and making great tasting food, this is why I loved the challenge.

I did however struggle slightly in the beginning, it was probably psychological but I still felt hungry and craved my next meal but after a few days I really did feel better… strangely fuller for longer! My partner on the other hand may need a little longer to adjust, he has a very active lifestyle and needs that little bit extra (his words not mine) Which I do agree with to an extent but he says he is still willing to work on the portion sizes.

I really gave this challenge a good go and haven’t stepped on to the scales for 2 weeks until today… (please bare in mind I did over indulge with beer on Saturday for the Rugby)

I have lost 2.5 pounds over the past 2 weeks!!

How amazing is that.. I will certainly be carrying on with the smaller portion sizes because the results really show! I have also saved a few pennies along the way.

I think the hardest part of portion control is going out to eat, because no matter where you go unless you are having a starter for a main or a kiddies meal the portion sizes are WAY to big. Lets face it you go out to eat something different, tasty and for a treat so you are going to pick what most takes your fancy. Which will no doubt be a much bigger portion than you should have. Saying this we all deserve a treat every now and again.

The portion control utensils are the best thing I have ever cooked with because
I think most people struggle with the amount they have to cook and having a tool to measure out with is great, whether you are eating alone or cooking for 6… I would recommend them to anyone.

To conclude I will be sticking to smaller portions as it’s just a way of life to me now and i’ve seen the results on my waistline and pocket.

Join me and sign up to the portion size wise challenge here!


Fajitas for tea tonight!

It’s always a good day when fajitas are involved! As a treat while we watched the Rugby I made fajitas… A little differently than usual.

Instead of over loading them with chicken or beef I packed the filling I made with more veg than usual and only used a portion of meat.. Using the measuring utensils of course.

I cooked peppers, onions, mushrooms and courgettes from the garden for the filling, then fried of a considerably smaller portion of chicken to go with it.

On the side we also had a smaller bowl of grated cheese, avocado slices, a bowl of green salad and sour cream.

All was very tasty and we only managed 2 fajitas each!! Leaving some wraps for another day! I did have some vegetable sauce left over when I will use for pasta tomorrow lunch.

Mmm tasty!

Stuffed peppers

Today I decided to make my fave… Stuffed peppers. The possibilities are endless and I never make the same type of stuffed pepper, just usually what ever ingredients are in the fridge.image

I usually bake them in the oven in one of my dishes which fits 8 full peppers.. Stuffed. And believe it or not there usually isn’t any left at the end of the day.

If some are left over we would pick at them later in the evening! I have always wanted to try them in the slow cooker but I could only fit 4/5 in there and this wasn’t enough was it?

My brother was also staying with us so 5 peppers went in the slow cooker hoping to fill us all.

Today I was making peppers stuffed with rice, tomatoes, bacon, peas and sweetcorn. I also made a salad to go with them.

They went down a treat as they usually do and I was full up after just 1 and some salad! My partner was full after 2 which he thought was very strange… Some kind of witch craft!!

And my brother just thought we were being strange, until I explained the challenge we were doing!

I genuinely think that our bellies have shrunk and that it does take less to fill us which is fab for our health and bank account!

Sandwich for lunch?

Decided I would opt for a good old fashioned sandwich today for lunch. I started to think about portion sizes and sandwiches and you would just think that a sandwich is just a sandwich and it’s generally sandwich size (bare with me…)

I usually buy from the shops fresh baguette or a lovely crusty loaf which gets cut way to thick. This week when browsing the bread aisle I thought im going to try these ‘thins’ which everyone is harping on about.

I was pleasantly surprised that they came in all different flavours, soft white, brown, seeded etc.


Not to mention the fact that they are 100 calories per serving.. I though this has to be be each slice right? WRONG! a whole thin… both sides is just 100 calories. I  must admit they did look small.

I packed my partner off with the leftover pasta from the other night and thought I best try these myself before I even show them to him, let alone suggest he takes one to work.

So I packed mine with spinach, cucumber, tomato, havarti cheese (my fave) and a splodge of light mayo.

Lunchtime came and I told myself to savour every bite to make sure I felt like I’d eaten more.

I have to admit i didn’t feel full after but I think this is where we all go wrong… we don’t need to stuff ourselves silly to be satisfied. The sandwich was soft and tasted great so I should be satisfied.

Onwards to dinner time 🙂


Dinner at Nonna’s

Tonight we headed out for tea.. Not to Nonas restaurant but to my partner’s grandmas.

I couldn’t control the amount of food she was going to make but I could control my portion size and possibly bring home tea for the next 37 days!

To my delight she had made my favourite! In Italy they call them verenicas. After many attempts of googling them I couldn’t not find them anywhere but after doing some research I found that they are very similar to the polish dish pierogi.

They are pastry filled with mashed potato and then boiled and then lightly fried with oil, onion, garlic and corned beef!

Maybe it doesn’t sound too tempting BUT these are my absolute fave and usually we’re all fighting for the last ones!

No comment on the portion size tonight as gran shouted words at me I did not understand when I told her I wanted a smaller portion.

I didn’t however go back for seconds like I usually would have : )



Monday night I worked very late and when I came home I didn’t know what to expect on the table as my partner would have taken upon himself to cook for 5000.

To my surprise I glanced at the mountain of pots (which he hadn’t washed as he went along) I noticed the portion control utensils!

He said he has weighed the veg and meat out! Woohoo he is getting there! He had made a spaghetti bolognese sauce with penne pasta.


He did however forget to measure out the pasta and so contributed to the pasta salad we had for lunch the next day.


Thinking Breakfast…

So I was thinking this morning about breakfast.. as you do at 8am getting ready for work. I tend to either skip breakfast or over eat by going to the canteen with my work mates and ordering a big greasy breakfast.

Sometimes cereal or toast just doesn’t excite me so i skip it and look forward to dinner.

The I found this website which is excellent, it lists breakfasts you can make pretty easy for 100 calories. The calories are so few because the portions are smaller!

I made a 1 egg omelette this morning with spinach and took it to work with me and heated it up there and it was surprisingly satisfying!


I was also surprised to know that beans on toast (50g beans and 1 small slice of bread) was under 100 calories.

It’s not the calories which is impressive it’s the portions size too. So many people I have spoken to automatically would make 2 slices of toast and a full can on beans and not give it a second thought.

The fact is when your eyes are opened to smaller portions it actually makes perfect sense and we have just been getting greedier and greedier over time.