The end of the challenge!

I would recommend to anyone to join the portion size wise challenge as it has encouraged my family and I take greater notice of the QUANTITY of food and drink we are eating and drinking. I can see how that over time, just eating less each day would make a massive difference to maintaining or losing weight.

I have not had the fatigue that can be related to over eating and over drinking since starting the challenge.

I am better tuned in to when I feel full, and don’t give in to the temptation to over eat.

The challenge has saved me money too…… As…… Five members of the family eating less for two weeks has got to save money!

I aim to keep the challenge going, not to necessarily lose weight, but to avoid putting more on.

My concluding words… portion size wise!

Join me and sign up to the portion size wise challenge here!


Leek or carrot and potato

image image image image

Oops! My soups went before I could photograph them! I made soup, with  which we normally eat a loaf of bread each. Today though, we just had soup and the family loved it. I am pleased. Phew.


There is a contradiction in our house!

I don’t like to waste food, and yet I am trying to maximise our apple, plum, tomato, pear, damson harvest…… which requires a certain (significant) amount of eating


Here are some of my last tomatoes. I have cooked them up and served them with some homemade bread. It was a bit simple, but the family liked it.


As my freezer is now well and truly full, I am going to make some jams and jarred apple sauce to make sure we don’t snaffle all of the harvest at once.

We are also going to blast some in the nutriblast to include in our five a day.

Easy pasta salad



My girls have been cooking at school today. They made pasta salad and it was really tasty.

Basically they put one portion of protein, in their case one did a chicken breast in honey and soy sauce, and the other (they are twins) put in a tin of tuna.

In addition to 100g of cooked pasta each it was a case of …… What veg and salad have we got that they could chop up to go with it?

Pepper, leek, carrots, olives, and tomatoes are what we had… And a bit of old cucumber…..

We waste nothing in our house! #lovefoodhatewaste.

Dining out!


We do love to dine out, and so I have just learned this week to go for less of the same, usually by asking for just a starter and then another starter for mains, or having a child’s meal.

Last night I went for an Indian meal with friends and only had one poppadom instead of the usual three.

I think this shall make a difference over time if I am mindful of my portion choices.

Chicken Stoup (a mix between stew and soup!)

image image image image image image image image image image

My children really enjoy chicken, and I like to make Stoup as you can get all the food groups in there. It is quite filling so you don’t need lots of it, but I didn’t allow seconds today in the spirit of this challenge!

I cut up a bag of small potatoes and diced four chicken breasts and put both into the slow cooker before I went to work. I added 900ml of chicken stock, a handful of pearl barley, one very large carrot.

When I arrived home I made the dumplings by grating around 50g of hard butter and rubbing it into 200g of flour. My flour was spelt, as its low in gluten but if you use white SR flour the dumplings grow better in the stoup.

Add up to 4tblsp water and form into 1 inch balls. My mixture made 10 dumplings. I left the dumplings cooking in the mixture for about an hour.

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Chicken Stoup


My husband brought this rather grand looking veg home from a work colleagues allotment today.

They are not exactly portion sized wise as the carrots are above a foot long each! So…. On my day off tomorrow I am going to make chicken stoup…..

A mix between soup and stew….. Which I am going to try to put dumplings in……

So we are not cutting out any food groups as you can see, but are instead, hopefully, not going to eat quite as much as perhaps we once did.

Watch this space to see how I get on!